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Request a Quotation - Solar Power Support Systems

Request a Quotation - Solar Power Support Systems

Company Details

Company Name
Office Location
Contact Name
Contact Phone Number
Contact Mobile Number
Contact Email Address


Project Information

Project Name
Project Output (in kW)
Post (Single / Double Leg)
Foundation (Driven / in Concrete)
Panel Orientation (Portrait / Landscape)
Number of Panel Rows per Table
Amount of Panels per Inverter String
Angle / Incline (°)
Distance ground to first panel (mm)


Are you flexible with your layout (landscape / portrait orientation / amount of panel rows per table...) in case there is a more cost effective solution available?
If a layout with specific table layouts has been finalised, please describe the different table sizes and the amount of tables required per table size


Geographic Location / Terrain / Ground Conditions

Site Location / Nearest Town
Post Code
GPS Location (Google Earth)
Altitude of Site (m above sea level)
Access by 40t Truck
Wind Load (m/s)
Snow Load (kN/m²)
Site Description
Orientation of the main Slope Drop (more info)
Angle of the main Slope (°)
Has a ground investigation been done?
Please describe the ground conditions


Panel Information

Panel Manufacturer
Type of Panel
Panel Height (mm)
Panel Width (mm)
Panel Thickness (mm)
Panel Output (Wp)
Panel Weight (kg)
Total Amount of Panels used for the project


Time Frame

Construction Start Date
Construction Completion Date




Upload Files

Please upload a site layout drawing, ground investigation report and panel data sheet (if available).


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