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Services we offer

Services we offer

We understand that a reliable and experienced supplier makes a real difference to the seamless and timely implementation of your solar park project. With a mounting system being an integral part of a solar installation, our dedicated team is happy to support you during every step of your project - from initial planning and cost calculation to the installation of your solar park.

Our services include:

  • Solar park layout optimisation (table arrangement)
  • Price comparison with more cost effective table layout solutions (if possible)
  • Evaluation of ground survey report and selection of most suitable foundation option
  • Individual project design
  • Table drawings and ramming plan
  • Detailed static analysis report
  • Delivery schedule in line with construction plan
  • On-site support by SMSTS approved personnel


If required, we can organise the following services:
  • Installation services including post driving, assembly of the framework and mounting of panels
  • Pull out tests
  • Ground investigation (through recommended partner)




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