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Back-2-Back Rail Our panel slide-in system

Back-2-Back Rail Our panel slide-in system

Our unique Back-2-Back Rail ground mount system distinguishes itself by the fact that it does not only make the insertion of panels extremely easy but it also considerably saves time and cost on installation.

Panels are simply slid into the rail and are fixed with only one security screw from the back – no clamps are required! The Back-2-Back Rail system comes with a 25 year structural warranty.

We have had feedback from our clients that panels could be assembled up to four times faster than with conventional systems.

  • Panels are simply slid into the rail – no clamps required!
  • Suitable for all types of framed solar panels
  • ‘Lock and Safe’ security solution built-in
  • End caps for the rails are provided as an additional security feature
  • U-shaped plastic spacers as an additional corrosion protection between the panel and the steel system
  • Cabling can be integrated into the rail and is held by our cable clip – no additional cable guidance necessary!
  • The system is available with a single or double leg*
  • Panels can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation
  • Flexible table length (up to approximately 60m)*
  • Different foundation options are available allowing the framework to be erected on a wide range of ground conditions. For foundation options, please click here.
  • Suitable for high wind and snow loads
  • Quick and easy to be assembled
  • Highly corrosion-resistant material: hot-dip galvanised steel is used for the posts and the framework is made of zinc-magnesium coated steel
  • Long-term structural warranty of up to 25 years


For general technical system details, please click here.

*subject to detailed static calculations and dependant on local wind and snow loads as well as terrain and ground conditions



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