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News - Solar Power Support Systems

News - Solar Power Support Systems

The SolarKIT in PV Magazine (Issue 05/2015)

26 May 2015

The article within the 'Product News / Applications & Installations' section of the magazine reads:


"Racking/Hill & Smith

Slide-in PV racking system


British racking designers Hill & Smith will next month launch its SolarKIT to market - a panel slide-in racking system designed for small-scale ground mount installations ranging frm 3kW to 1MW.

The SolarKIT is a standarized system that includes all components required for the installation of solar panels in the ground, and boasts a slide-in system that is quick and easy. Built to high British standards of quality, the SolarKIT is touted as a durable and cost-effective product that has been tailored to meet the practical, financial and installation requirements for most small-scale installations.

Small-scale ground-mounted PV is a sector expected to grow in the U.K. during 2015 following changes to the national solar subsidy policy, and Hill & Smith confidently states that it can ship its product quickly in order to ensure speedy project completion.

On the ground, the SolarKIT has a minimal amount of system components, and is made of corrosion-resistant material, comes complete with U-shaped plastic spacers and is offered with a 15 year product warranty.

The company adds that the SolarKIT was created in response to customer demand, which had long called for greater flexibility of panel orientation and tilt angle. The SolarKIT will be available in Europe from June."


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